3 April 2013

I watched another couple of Jeremy Brett Sherlock Holmes episodes last night, from series three. They're just as good as the ones from series one and two, which is to say that they are very good indeed.

A reader, seeing my lucha libre blog yesterday, told me about a touring company of luchadors on the east coast of the United States who call themselves Chikara. They are VERY theatrical - even more so than the usual professional wrestling thing. They don't make it down to D.C., apparently - and I'm not driving 3+ hours north to see 'em! Also on my bucket list: Watch a roller derby game live and see a bull fight in Tijuana.

Every now and then it's fun to taunt soccer players.

New on Burbankia: King Swede Smorgasbord. My parents used to take me here when I was a kid. They served the most tasteless gelatin dessert I have ever eaten. (I'd write "Jell-O" so you'd know exactly what I was getting at, but this sort of thing endangers Jell-O's valued trademark and does a disservice to stuff that tastes infinitely better.)

Also, the police turn Burbank into a giant red light district (1925).

A self-described old rugby player e-mailed me and asked me for a “best of” listing. Here it is. I still have lots of stuff left to try, but these are the standouts so far. I’ll update this list in a month or two. Obviously, this is based on my particular taste. I go for deeper, darker, more traditionally masculine scents with good projection and longevity, not the more trendy clean/fresh/sport/oceanic scents or the “ozonic” ones you can barely smell.

Best Cheap Scents for Men

Halston Z14 (About $17 at Ross)
Stetson (About $13 at Target)

You can probably add Old Spice to this category, but I haven’t tried it on myself yet. I have a feeling it has no longevity. And I need to get around to trying Tim McGraw Southern Blend on my skin. It smells nice on a test strip and I have a feeling it will end up on this list, too.

Best Middle Cost Scents for Men

Chanel Antaeus ($80 from Chanel.com)
Chanel Pour Monsieur ($90 from Chanel.com)
Yatagan by Caron (about $40)
Dior Eau Sauvage Parfum ($90)
Prada Amber Pour Homme Intense ($60-$70)
Acqua di Parma Colonia ($100)
Santos by Cartier ($70-$90)

The Chanel Pour Monsieur is the stand out here.

Best Expensive Scents for Men

Derby by Guerlain (about $250)
Royal Oud by Creed ($200- $300)
Tuscan Leather by Tom Ford (over $200)

The real bite in the shorts is that Derby used to be less expensive. Guerlain only recently made it one of their premium cost scents.

This morning I tried Prada Amber Pour Homme. It's floral/powdery/soapy - and I don't care for the floral part. It's just over the borderline of being too feminine. I can see this being worn by a certain type of man, however - more metrosexual than I. It's a pleasant scent but it's just not my thing. When it comes to the Prada scents I prefer Infusion d'Homme (Italian barbershop) or especially Amber Intense (myrrh - listed above). Those suit me better.


  1. Patrick "Turtle" RobinsonApril 3, 2013 at 8:32 PM

    Lew and Boo have been out for games and practice so far this year. When are you coming out?

  2. As an old boy once put it to me, the rugby switch is off. But thanks for the invite!



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