30 Apr 2010

The Portable Computer. I dunno. I'm not so sure it's an idea whose time has come.

I was in a music store recently to buy a Hanon book and spotted these: classical composer action figures. I may want the one of Beethoven to sit on my piano. I see there is also a Bach action figure, as well as other historical personages including Einstein and Edgar Allen Poe. (I would have the Poe one strangling the Jane Austen one.) Guess what most boys are going to want to do with the Marie Antoinette one?

These are sad times for me. As I mentioned before, my favorite video place and hang out spot, Video Vault, is shutting its doors. Reasons: a bad economy, a changed Netflix video rental model, no parking space around the building in Old Town Alexandria and a truly predatory landlord (more about him at some future date). The movers arrived yesterday; today they have to be out by midnight. Total bummer. I shall really miss discussing oddball and obscure movies and actors with the owner, a fascinating gent who has forgotten more about films than I shall ever know.

He told me that he caught an interview with the CEO of Blockbuster, who stated, "I don't know why anyone would want to watch a movie other than a current release." Ack! The wrong rental company is going out of business!

Video Vault closing article. Another. A message board.

Here's my amazon.com review of a yard sale paperback I just read: "Why Do Men Have Nipples? Hundreds of Questions You'd Only Ask a Doctor After Your Third Martini" - Have you ever bumped into a person who uses vulgar language freely and speaks in an offensive and overly casual way? That's the tone of this book, combined with unfunny, self-serving attempts at humor. While some of the medical trivia was interesting, completing the book left me hoping that I never have to endure a meeting with the authors.

As I was telling a friend earlier this week, one of the greatest tragedies of my life involved my comic book collection and a foolish decision regarding same. But my readers are great! One sent me an old photograph of one of the players in that decision, and I have linked it here. Scroll down to the photo of the Simpsons' "Comic Book Guy" and read all about it. I maintain that I met the original, Burt Blum - a pox on his memory!

Weight: Friday morning is scale day, and I am down 4.2 pounds from last week, for a total of 7.2 pounds in two weeks. I am backing away from the abyss. How am I doing this? Go here and scroll to the bottom. No fads, just simple physics - you have to burn more than you take in.

I see lots of neighborhood yard sale signs around - that's promising - and the weather in Northern Virginia is forecast to be sunny and in the high eighties! We have a Five Families thing going on for Saturday night, too. (For my birthday they gave me a joke photo in a frame. A Nikon teacher once told me: "Photoshop can only be used for two things - good and evil.")

Have a swell weekend!

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  1. I sell a Virgin Mobile phone for 14.99 that has more computing abilities than that 1977 computer. Amazing. We saw something similar to that being recycled at Best Buy a couple weeks ago. Very funny stuff.

    CEO of Blockbuster: They're done. Very done. I hate Blockbuster, and I'm glad they're nixed. And this has nothing to do with the fat oaf in Spanish Fork that didn't hire me at Blockbuster. A pox on them.

    Comics: When you come out, I might try to get my manager to let us sneak a peek at this comic collection. He has over 8,000, and says that Fantastic Four #1 is in there somewhere.



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